Safety Features Every Kitchen Must Have

Published: 12th February 2010
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Contemporary homes are not only known for its remarkable features and aesthetic value. It is likewise a haven of practicality and multiple functions for hectic and modern lifestyles. Hence, every part and corner of the house must bear the same assets and specifications particularly the kitchen. This is considered a highly important area in the house that both conventional and modern households could never do without. In upgrading your kitchen, bear in mind some salient features particularly ones that are geared towards safety and security.

Cabinetry and Cupboards

These elements are present in conventional kitchens and may also be of great use in modern homes. However, there are certain suggestions on the use of traditional cabinets and cupboards in the kitchen particularly on its safety to the users. Some of these are installed in higher levels which may become extremely hard to reach. Furthermore, it becomes constant threat particularly when you need to reach and twist in order to pull and access the right items you are looking for.

Hence, instead of having the usual cabinetry and cupboard installation, you may consider slide-out trays and bins for the storage of your kitchenware and gadgets. Instead of reaching heights to get what you need for the food preps and the like, you may install this in base cabinets where you can easily access. Just make sure that you young ones do not have direct access on the items inside the trays or bins especially if the things you store are sharp or breakable.

Electrical Switches and Fixtures

It is primarily required that you adhere to the building codes in your area before you plan and design salient components and systems in the kitchen. For instance, all your electrical receptacles such as switches and outlets must be grounded and installed with a proper ground-fault circuit interrupter for protective measures. It is also necessary that you measure all wall-mounted controls in a range of 15 to 48 inches above and away the finished floor. Furthermore, make sure that you keep it away from water sources and areas which are often wet to avoid accidents.

Proper Floorings and Frame

Since the kitchen is the busiest and most frequented venue in the house, its flooring is undoubtedly the most worn out and exposed to a lot of damages. It is therefore important that you install flooring materials which are durable and could withstand heavy traffic and regular use. On the other hand, it is likewise vital that you make the flooring resistant to slippery and wet sources which inevitably creates and welcomes accidents and injuries. There are good flooring choices which are considered slip-resistant such as textured vinyl, finished wood, soft-glazed ceramic tiles and finished wood. There are also flooring accessories to ensure safety such as throw rugs with nonskid backing features.

Safe kitchens are equivocal to quality and functional area in the house that helps in your everyday chores. Invest on safety features for your kitchen that will surely boost your investment to greater heights.

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