Befriending your Neighbor – Necessary Steps after Moving to a New Home

Published: 22nd February 2010
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Relocation is a stressful and demanding task that most people are dealing with when they officially move to a new neighborhood. Aside from the tedious work of moving your things and belongings, you also have to leave your old neighbors and friends behind. However the brighter side of this is that you get the chance to widen your horizon and add friends in your new community.

There are basically innumerable ways on how to befriend your neighbors in order to make your stay in your new home healthy in terms of your social relationships. For instance, these are the people you will be dealing with and people you will practically see every day. Hence, it definitely pays off if you initiate the move and reach out to them since you are new in the place.

It is quite a basic ordeal but introducing yourself to your new neighbors will actually open the threshold between you and your new acquaintances. In most cases, they would not be inclined to talk to you and strike up a casual conversation if they do not basically know your name. After you have organized everything in your new home and moved in, walk over their houses next door and casually say hello. The first impression you give to people will actually have a bearing on what they think you are and the way they deal with you. If you initiate the introduction, it will show that you are approachable and friendly.

If you are quite reluctant to say hello or maybe too shy to do this, think of a good point of conversation. You can ask about the local resources and services around the neighborhood. You may ask them about the common establishments you need to know and may access such as the doctor's clinic or dentist. You may not be very familiar with your new surroundings yet hence it is a great way of knowing the places and things you need to know while establishing rapport with your neighbors.

Leaving in a new community, especially if it is well-managed or established may give you the chance to attend organized and regular community events and activities. There are several events such as a local high school baseball or football game or an annual craft fair. No matter how trivial the activities may be, make it a point that you show your interest in attending and through your presence. This will give you the venue to run into few of your neighbors and even try to bond with them during the activities. You are not only making valuable use of your time but you are also making friends the easy and enjoyable way.

Socialization is an indispensable method which will help you make a difference in finding and greeting friends in your new community. You can host a barbecue or block party which will give you time to relax as well as make new friends.

Moving is not only a stressful task with lots of pressure involved. It is also one way of finding new friends and neighbors for a happier life.

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