Are My Tenants Gone? – Things To Do In Property Abandonment

Published: 01st August 2009
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Finding out that the tenants have abandoned the place is a nightmare for every landlord. This is for the reason that possibly the tenant has not yet settled a month or two for rent or they have not settled a particular issue yet. And seeing that no one is already inside the house will really put a lot of stress to the owner, not to mention the financial damage that the unsettled rent will cause the owner.

With this, what can a landlord do if the tenant has already gone missing? There are a lot of things that a landlord can do like the following.

It is important for the owner to observe whether the tenant has really left the house or just went out for a vacation. The landlord can check whether there is still electricity or phone connection in the house. You can probably deduct that the tenant is still settling the payments for the utility bills. You can also check if there are still mails arriving at the house. Checking the house for any appliances or valuable items inside the house can also be one of the steps that you can do.

If you have noticed that there are no mails coming in, you can ask the local post office if there has been a change of billing address that your tenant processed.

The next thing that you can do is to ask some of your nearby neighbors if they have noticed your tenant "moving out." This means if they are taking out some of their appliances that might indicate that they have moved out already.

So, if you cannot contact your tenant and the results of all your investigations above are pointing to the possibility that they really abandoned the place, then you can present the results as powerful evidence to the authorities. If you have a plan to settle this issue, you can tell them to the authorities to initiate it. If not, then you can ask them for any suggestions.

If you noticed, what some landlords do is that once it turns out that the tenant does not return anymore, he goes inside the house and takes all the belongings left with them. You can do this as well and may consider it as a payment for what they owe you or you can just keep them for a while.

The thought of your tenants living without you knowing it can really be stressful. But knowing these steps on the things that you should do will give you an organized way of investigating and at least will not leave you hanging in confusion. Just keep in mind that you have to prove everything first before claiming that there is a tenant abandonment incident or else, you might be pressed for illegal eviction.

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